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GreenEarth Structures,

A business where the business derives its power from the people who work there and money is used as a tool to serve the people.
What is needed first is energy and resource conservation - NOT more energy production
The name GreenEarth Structures, LCA reflects my desire to develop a building system that is good for the planet.

Through GES our aim is to pinpoint the latest developments in building technology and to incorporate those judged to be the most sustainable while also remaining cost effective to build, maintain and operate.
These buildings must be healthy for the planet as well as the people living on it.

If you are expecting information on straw-bale construction - mud bricks - cobb - do it yourself dome homes - etc. you will be disappointed.
I consider building with any of these "building from the heart not the head".
They all may sound cool but they are not a solution for most of the worlds housing problem.
BUT... if you love the idea - go for it.
There is never to much art in the world!

  I urge you to click around in this pile of info and see what I have found so far.

Current EPSCrete Mad Mud Experiment
Click Here to see a recently posted photo album of an experiment where I am playing with EPSCrete.
My current sweet spot in green / sustainable construction.
Click here to see a
YouTube Video of this same experiment.

Tiny Homes
I have been hearing more and more about the growing need for very small (Tiny) homes.
Seems there is a growing movement toward not wanting a MacMansion that requires huge amounts of material to build, is an energy hog and requires high maintenance. About Time!
Here are some sketches of a less than 400 square foot home that uses the technology I am playing with.
It uses almost all recycled materials
Fast and inexpensive to build
Easily adaptable to your floor plans and sizes
It is also SUPER energy efficient and will require Very Little maintenance
It is also earthquake and hurricane proof
Click Image386
                    square foot
A Bigger Version  1190sqft

MountainWood Memories
Fun Past Life Leading To >
Evolution Of GES Projects

A Very Varied Background In Construction Has Shaped My Thoughts On Construction

GES Philosophy
Why & How To Build Really "Green" Greenhouses
Why Build Green / Sustainable?

I am very excited about what is coming together and would really appreciate your input. Pro or con.
  I am here to learn!

Green Construction In The 3rd World
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